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Welcome To Dekalyi SP. Z.O.O

Welcome to Dekalyi SP Zoo, your number one supplier of high-quality firewood, wood briquettes, wood chips, charcoal and wood pellets from Poland.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly fuel that is produced in a sustainable way then you are at the right place. With Dekalyi SP Zoo, you have found the right organic fuel! In the production of our wood pellets, we focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable production in addition to high quality.

Our wood pellets are made from 100% natural spruce wood from sustainable forestry. In the production process, the pellets are subjected to regular quality checks several times to ensure above-average quality

Why Choose Us?

Quality Guarantee Shisha Charcoal

Guaranteed Product Quality

Price For wood pallet

Unbeatable Store Prices

Buy Hard Woods Online

Easy & Convenient to Order

Trusted Supplier of Birch Woods

Dedicated, Trusted & Reliable

fast express delivery of Birch Logs

Safe & Fast Worldwide Shipping

Heating with wood pellets in winter is an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. We offer pellets delivered to your home in sacks and on pallets or in bulk.

Effective usage of by-products from wood processing 

The wood chips and sawdust produced in the sawmill are refined into high-quality wood pellets on site in Oberhonnefeld. Local processing reduces CO2 emissions, because we completely dispense with the additional transport of wood chips or sawdust purchased externally and ensure resource-efficient use of the raw material. 

A year later, next to our Dekalyi SP Zoo plant, a large biomass heating plant was built. In this way, we ensure that only renewable energy from our biomass heating plant is used for the production of wood pellet.



Ruf Briquettes
1100kg WOOD Pellets Quality A1 on pallet
EPAL Wooden Pallets
Dekalyi SP  ENplus A1 Wood Pellets, 6 mm, 15 kg, 990 kg
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