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hardwood lump charcoal from Poland

Hardwood Charcoal


Weight: 5kg, 8kg, 10kg(other weight can be customized)
Material: bamboo powder
Application scenarios: barbecue, hot pot, heating ,etc

Product Features:
1 High calorific value, surface temperature up to 700 degrees or more
2. No peculiar smell, thick packaging, not fragile in transportation3High density, thick packaging, not fragile in transportation

1. Incomplete combustion of bamboo charcoal will produce carbon monoxide. Please keep it ventilated when using it to avoid poisoning. Do not use it indoors.
2. After the outdoor barbecue is over, the unburned charcoal can be poured out with water, and it can be used ne
xt time after drying. Please make sure to pour it out with water when discarding.

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mangrove charcoal

Mangrove Charcoal

Product Name:                       Bamboo charcoal

Material:                                 100% natural bamboo sawdust

Features:                                Eco-Friendly, Smokeless

Packing:                                 5-10kg/carton, 1*20GP (16-18 tons),1*40HQ (28 tons)

Material: BAMBOO

Application: Hookah

Shape: Stick

Type: Machine-Made Charcoal

Calory (J): 7600

Ash Content (%): 4.8


Usage: 1)Barbecue Carbon(2)Outdoor Barbecue(3)Party

Raw material: Natural Bamboo

Color: Natural Black

Feature: Smokeless

Burning time: 4-6 Hours

Packing: 5-10kgs/carton

Advantage: Long Burning Time Eco-friendly

Hardness: 95%(not Easy Broken)

Service: Accept Customized

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Name:                          Cube Shisha Charcoal

Material:                       Coconet shell / 100% pure Bamboo



Ash:                      Less than 3.6%

Colary:                  7000kcal/kg

Color:                    Nature black

Burning time:        90Minutes Min

Package:               0.5kg/1kg/3kg/5kg/box 20-24kg/ctn

Application:           Hookah/ Shisha


Lemon Charcoal for Shisha

Product Name:                     Round hookah charcoal

Raw materials:                     100% pure fruit wood

Size:                                     33mm/35mm/37mm/40mm/50mmm


Custom size available on request

Weight:                                6.5g/pcs

Ash Content:                       6%

Water Content:                   2-3%

Burning Time:                     50-60 mins

Service:                               Accept customized

coconut shell charcoal


Coconut shell-activated carbon for water treatment

common size :10-24mesh (0.8-2.0mm),6-16mesh(1-3mm) Coconut shell activated carbon choose high quality coconut shell as raw material , through carbonizing,activating, superheated steam catalyzing, screening exquisite treatment process ,with characteristic of big absorption capacity , fast absorption , long service life , high mechanical strength,low ash content , easy cleaning , good purify ability , mainly used for beverages,beer , high purity water and thermoelectric pretreatment equipment. Large surface area, rich small pores , strong resistance against friction , pressure and high temperature, fast absorption speed, long service life, easy cleaning

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