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Wood Pellets

The fresh sawdust from the saw line is transported directly to the pellet plant via conveyor belts and is processed there. The fine sawdust is pressed through matrices under high pressure and by adding natural wheat starch as a binding agent. Due to the fresh quality and the even moisture content of the sawdust, no addition of artificial binding agents is necessary. This means that there are no unwanted, harmful exhaust gases from additives during combustion.

The dimensional stability is achieved by the wood’s own binder lignin, which is naturally contained in the raw material. The diameter of our Regio Pellets is around 6 mm and the length is 10 – 30 mm. As a leading premium manufacturer of wood pellets, it is our aim to always meet the highest quality requirements. This is documented by the certification of the manufacturing process according to the current ENplus and DINplus quality standards. Regio Wood Pellets are characterized by an above-average calorific value and a very low dust content.

We guarantee not only a quality-assured fuel, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly production through the use of wood from sustainable forestry and the energy-efficient use of renewable energies.

Wood Pellets for sale


Spruce wood pellets is a type of biomass fuel made from compressed sawdust and shavings obtained from spruce trees. They can commonly be used as a renewable energy source for heating purposes. Particularly in residential stoves, boilers, and pellet grills

Here are some key points about spruce wood pellets:

  1. Production: Spruce wood pellet is manufactured by grinding and drying spruce wood residues, such as sawdust, chips, and shavings.

  2.  Energy Efficiency: Spruce wood pellet have a high energy density, which means they can produce a significant amount of heat compared to their size and weight. They have a low moisture content, typically below 10%, which makes them efficient and easy to burn.

  3.  When burned, the carbon dioxide (CO2) released is roughly equivalent to the amount absorbed by the trees during their growth. Therefore, they do not contribute to net greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, using wood pellets reduces reliance on fossil fuels and helps promote sustainability.

  4. Heating Applications: Spruce wood pellets are primarily used for heating residential and commercial spaces. Wood pellet grills are also gaining popularity for outdoor cooking and grilling.

  5. Storage and Handling: Spruce wood pellet are typically packaged in 15 to 40-pound bags,  They have a relatively long shelf life if stored in a dry environment. It’s important to keep them protected from moisture to maintain their quality.

  6. Regional Availability: The availability of spruce wood pellets may vary depending on the region and local forestry practices. Availability may also depend on the local demand for wood pellets and the proximity of pellet production facilities.

When using spruce wood pellet or any other type of wood pellet, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure they are compatible with your heating system or grill. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the equipment are also necessary to optimize performance and safety.

ENplus A1 Wood Pellets, 6 mm, 15 kg, 990 kg

Oak Wood pellets 960 kg pallet

Order Oak Wood Pellets 960kg Poland


64 bags of 15kg per pallet!

Our wood pellets consist of pure oak chips and are therefore ideal for grilling, smoking and smoking meat and fish. Our oak pellets are 6mm thick. Dry storage is important.

Product information “Oak pellets 960 kg pallet | for smoking, smoking & grilling

Weight per pack:                     15kg

Weight per pallet:                    960kg

Diameter:                                  6mm

Length:                                      About 7-36mm

Type of wood:                          Beech

Suitable for:                              Grill, smokehouse, smoker

1100kg WOOD Pellets Quality A1 on pallet

1100kg WOOD Pellets Quality A1 on pallet


BigBag with 1000kg/1100kg, on pallet.

Our wood pellets consist mainly of softwood chips.

Product information “BigBag: 1000kg WOOD pellets quality A1 from stock”

Weight per pallet:                                1100kg

Diameter:                                              6mm

Length:                                               Sbout 7-36mm

Type of wood:                                    Softwood

Certification:                                        ENplusA1

Calorific value:                                    >= 5kWh/kg

Suitable for:                                      Boilers, pellet stoves

Ash content:                                         <= 0.7%

Humidity:                                               >= 10%

Density:                                               >= 600kg/m³

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